The KPCA Board is made up of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are six At Large members (minimum of three, up to six). We currently have six standing Committees, with chairs appointed by the President. Board positions are two year terms, At Large officers serve one year terms, and all are elected at annual meetings. Our current officers are:

  • President – Foroud Arsanjani:
  • Vice President – Mandana Tavakoli:
  • Secretary - Patty McAllister:
  • Treasurer - Hannah Elson:
  • Communications Chair – Ed Elson:
  • Community Issues Chairs – Susanna Leaf & Arash Soleimani:
  • Welcoming Committee – Lindsey Dickinson:
  • Special Events Chair – open:
  • Traffic and Safety Committee Chair- Issa Khozeimeh:
  • Membership/Block Captain Chair – open:
  • Security Patrol Chair – Ken Nankin:

At Large Directors:

  • Sinaly Roy
  • Lindsey Dickinson
  • Ed Elson
  • Jo-Ann Harrison
  • Herb Rosenthal

All of our committee chairs welcome volunteers. Be a part of it! Volunteering for an event or serving on the Board is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Contact any member of the board for more information.


Board meeting minutes: